Classes are suited for beginner to advanced men and women who wish to learn massage and stretching techniques for home or on-the-go treatments. These relaxed and friendly classes won’t need particular materials or prior knowledge. Offer a workshop as a gift to family and friends, or treat yourself to a class! All classes are taught by the licensed staff of Phila Massages.

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Workshops in the series:

Running Faster and Avoiding Injury Made Simple: Beginner to Advanced

With so many different ways to approach training for a 5k to Marathon, which approaches are ideal for making you faster?  Does changing your technique help?  Should you do a lot of high-intensity training?  Will running a lot of mileage help?  Maybe strength training? Nutrition?  Come join Coach Jason Kilderry as he briefly discusses these current areas of interest and what effect they will having on making you a faster runner.

Foam rolling for post-marathon recovery

In this 45min class, we will go over foam rolling techniques for the major muscles involved in running as a tool for faster recovery and injury prevention. At the end of the class, we will briefly discuss the “recovery toolbox” that all runners should have at home, then open the class to your recovery or injury questions as well as demonstrate any stretching or rolling techniques you would like to see.

Lower leg and foot massage

We use our feet and legs constantly while we walk, run, stand, bike… They withstand a lot of pressure and work almost consistently in any activity. Moreover, some of us suffer from lower leg issues such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, cramps. Whether you have issues or not, your feet deserve to be pampered!

This 20 minute Lower Leg and Foot routine, aimed at beginners to advanced non-professionals, will address the muscles of the lower leg and foot. It is a simple and effective routine that anyone can learn and perform on their friends and family; you will simply need a yoga mat, a couple of pillows and massage oil.

Partner massage for the lower back

Many of us suffer from lower back pain. Indeed, many of our activities are distressing for our lower backs: sitting long hours at a desk, in a car, on a couch, on a bike, … Running and lifting are also often culprits in lower back pain.

During our workshop, you will learn the gift of a soothing back massage; a great way to unwind the lower back muscles and show your partner that you care. During this workshop, you and your partner will learn an easy routine that can be done at home on a massage table.

Leg massage and stretching workshop

Lets face it, our legs work hard. Whether we're fiercely exercising, or walking around our great city, our legs take a lot of pressure during every day activities.

During our Leg massage and stretching workshop, your hamstrings, quads, calves and shins will be pampered as we go over massage and stretching techniques for the legs. A brief overview of the leg muscles mechanisms and reasons for aches and pains will allow you to better understand the movements that are required for an efficient stretch, and help your massage be more effective.

Stretching Q&A

Our AIS specialist will be answering all of your stretching questions in the beautiful outdoor area of Fairmount. Together, come up with a stretching routine, learn to stretch your least flexible muscle (tight IT Band anyone??) or just learn new ways of elongating your muscles to mix up your routine.

At the end of the class, you will get a pamphlet of useful leg stretches, with explanations and picture illustrations to have at home for easy reference.

AIS is a stretching technique that uses a series of 2 second contraction/relaxation sequences for optimum muscle loosening. Find out more about AIS here. 

Partner massage for the neck and shoulders

Massage and stretching are great tools to loosen muscles, relieve stress and relax after a hard day’s work, a hard workout or to treat neck pain.

During this workshop, you will learn the gift of a soothing neck and shoulder massage; a great way to unwind and show your partner that you care. After a brief explanation of the anatomy and the physiology behind muscle knots and tightness, you and your partner will learn an easy routine that will loosen the muscles and relieve stress in the neck and shoulders.

Self stretching your legs with a rope

Stretching has many benefits for runners: doing it regularly improves range of motion and posture, provides muscle soreness relief, improves capacity for activity, helps prevent sprains and strains, etc.  yet many of us don’t do it enough or do it incorrectly.

Our “Leg Stretch for Runners” workshop will go over some important leg stretches to help you properly include stretching in your workout routine, using a very effective technique called AIS.

During the class, we will go briefly over the benefits of stretching, the definition of AIS, and then spend the remaining time actively learning self-stretches with a rope using AIS. To attend this summer outdoor workshop, you will just need a yoga mat and roomy clothes!