What do our clients say about us?

“A friend of mine at Fearless Athletics recommended Phila Massages’ tandem massage for my training related muscle soreness.  He told me to expect 4 hands, ice, heat, and a masseuse walking on my back.  I was a big fan of Thai and deep tissue massages and am always willing to try something new, so I made an appointment that day… and I was hooked!   This season, I depended on Phila Massages to keep me loose and pain-free while I balanced marathon training with my Crossfit regimen.  Two days after the Philly Marathon, I was back in the gym.”

“I highly recommend their team – you won’t be disappointed.”

–  Jenny





“Phila Massages was hands down the best sports massage I’ve ever gotten.”

“Brian was attentive and listened to exactly what my issues were and was able to draw on his extensive medical and anatomical knowledge to pinpoint exactly what my problems [were] right away. I got back my full range of motion in my back and shoulders almost immediately after my massages. I also slept better, felt less pain in my neck and shoulders and credit them for allowing my muscles to be loose and recovered for my marathon.  Brian and his team are exceptionally talented and knowledgeable, and they also take the time to educate you and give you advice on how to alleviate and prevent musculoskeletal issues at home. Phila Massages is also unique in that as an athlete, you develop a relationship with them and they are able to get to know you and your sport and exactly what your needs are from season to season and training cycle to training cycle.

Phila Massages are also active in the Philadelphia sports community, frequently offering post-race massage services and they spend a lot of time getting to know local athletes and events. They are not only committed to massage therapy, but also to the Philadelphia-area. They are true professionals and they will allow you to be the best that you can be at your sport. I recommend them to all of my friends every chance I get!”

– Jen




“My name is Chakir and I’m a long distance runner. I do marathons, a lot of half marathons, a lot of 5ks, and I run about 100-110 miles a week. My legs get really tired and coming to Phila Massages really helps loosen the tightness; after a massage, my legs feel much better and anytime I go, I feel ready to go out for a run again afterwards!”

“I recommend Phila Massages to everyone.”

– Chakir




“I was introduced to Phila Massages at a crossfit event where they gave me a quick 5 min PTSM, where 2 people work on you at the same time, and it was an incredible 5 min!”

“I later looked up Phila Massages, found their center city location, and decided to try it out. They had a promotion in August that allowed me to try it out, and I got a really good introductory massage from Melvyn.

At the time, I was having some shoulder issues from a pretty serious softball injury I got over the summer; I told Melvyn about that and he really did a great job of focusing on the shoulder injury. He gave me the full body massage and worked on other parts really well too, but the reason I kept coming back and kept choosing to get Melvyn as my therapist, was that he really does a great job with the injury that I have.

His massages have improved my ability to use my shoulder and my arm which is important to me because I’m not the type of person to slow down due to injury: I push my body hard through working out and doing baseball, crossfit, softball, … and I just don’t have time to stop due to injury! To me, Phila Massages is like an autobody shop: just like you would take your car to the shop to keep it maintained, I come here, and I found that my performance has been improved by Melvyn’s work on my shoulder and my whole body.”

– Chris





“Phila Massages helps to keep me mobile, both during competition preparation and recovery.”

“Their hours are wonderful, and the online booking system makes it easy to see when you can make an appointment. Brian is always willing to go above and beyond, and is helpful in giving you self-massage techniques to keep the nagging issues at bay between sessions.

I cannot recommend Phila Massages enough for any athlete, regardless of skill level, that is training hard.”

– Lauren



“Years of training for competitive running have resulted in chronic pain in my hip flexors and low back. I was under chiropractic care for about 6 months but never felt relief. After trying an introductory session of Active Isolated Stretching, I decided to schedule weekly 20 minute sessions. After just a few weeks, I could clearly see positive results.”

“Not only do I have less pain but my range of motion has improved as well.”

“I supplement this therapy with an occasional tandem (PTSM) massage, usually before competitions.”

– Christopher




“I went from having no experience in triathlon to successfully racing an Ironman with just over two years of training. Not surprisingly, my body took a beating. I discovered that I had chronic shin splints. I tried everything; from a variety of shoes and compression socks, to strength training, yoga and acupuncture. Orthopedic doctors told me to revise my timeline to the Ironman.

I arrived at Phila Massages as a last hope to stay on track. Natacha took the time to listen to me. I’m sure she’s seen this before, but she took particular care in understanding my history of injury before working with me. While Phila Massages is for everyone, it was such a relief talking to someone who has treated a number of athletes. Triathlons were not a foreign concept to her, nor were the rigors of Ironman. One session relieved the tension to my calves, a second session increased the blood flow out of my legs, and subsequent sessions actively released scar tissue and began the healing process. I was back to running pain free in three weeks. Yet the best decision I made was to see Natacha on a weekly basis for the three months leading up to my big race. I was faster, stronger, more flexible and recovered better in those months of peak training than at any other time. In more recent months, I sustained a shoulder blade injury from hyper extending my shoulder during swimming. I skipped directly to Phila Massages. One session later, Natacha had me back to sleeping better nights with no shoulder pain.”

“Phila Massages is an incredibly refreshing change from your average massage studio; but it is a God-send for athletes.”

I’ve recommend Natacha and her colleagues to my triathlon team and a multitude of sports enthusiasts. All of us look forward to keeping Phila Massages a critical part of our training regiment in coming seasons.”

– Tahsin



“Phila Massages was there each step of my training.”

“Massage is a very essential treatment for me: I run over 50 miles per week and do a marathon or ultra-marathon almost every two weeks. In December 2012, I completed a 50 sub-four marathon in each of the 50 states, the last one being in Hawai, and Phila Massages was there each step of my training.”

– Tatsunori