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Fascia-The Overlooked Connective Tissue

We view the human body in terms of a skeleton, structurally housing our muscles, organs, circulatory and nervous systems, covered by our largest organ – our skin.  There are other systems in the human body that are relevant, but a tissue that is somewhat overlooked is the fascia. The medical schools used to strip away […]

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IT band syndrome or Why is my IT band sore and what can I do about it !?

Many athletes, especially endurance athletes, suffer from Ilio-Tibial Syndrome (ITBS). ITBS is an inflammation of the Ilio-Tibial band (ITB) at the knee, causing outer knee pain. The causes of ITBS can be varied but the treatment options are usually the same: massage, stretching and strengthening. What causes ITBS? The IT band is a fibrous band […]

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