Event Massage

Athletic Events

Phila Massages has participated and is scheduled to participate in numerous athletic events.

Massage therapy for athletes is not only essential to prevent injuries, repair overused muscles, and enhance athletic performances, but it it also greatly appreciated by every participant! If you would like Phila Massages to be part of your event, please email Martin at

Below, you will find a selection of a couple events we are happy to be a part of:

Back on my Feet 20in24
Date: July 2010 to 2013
Type: Relay challenge & ultra-marathon
Number of participants: 1200
T-Mobile city chaseDate: July 31st 2010
Type: Urban adventure course
Number of participants: 700
Quakerman Triathlon
Date: September 11th 2010
Type: Olympic triathlon
Number of participants: 500
Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge
Date: November 2010 to 2013
Type: 10K run
Number of participants: 3000-4000
Philadelphia Marathon
Date: November 2010 to present
Type: 8K | Half-Marathon | Marathon
Number of participants: 25000-30000
Broad Street Run
Date: May 2011 to present
Type: 10 mile run
Number of participants: 30000