During this 75min session, two therapists work simultaneously, one uses stretching while the other uses deep tissue, to combine the benefits of both techniques in an experience that will feel like you've "rebooted" your body!


While volunteering at the finish line of running or triathlon races, Phila Massages therapists would work in pairs on one athlete to increase the effectiveness of short sessions: one therapist would stretch, while the other would massage. As time went on, this tandem became more and more popular and athletes started to request it as a massage service. So we worked on creating a perfect 4-hand massage, developed over several years, that includes stretching and massage at the same time! Though it requires synchronizing between the therapists, it is still 100% customized to athletes and their needs, so two PTSMs will never be the same.

Where did the PTSM come from?


As a combination of deep tissue and stretching techniques, PTSM offers a large range of benefits:

  • Decreased muscle tightness and knots
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased circulation
  • Contributes to chronic pain relief, faster recovery and better performance
  • Athletes’ preferred use of the PTSM has been before the start of a training program or at the end of a competition period.

Benefits of PTSM

PTSM in the news

Our unique service won a “Best of Philly” award in 2011’s Philadelphia Magazine. It also earned us a feature on the Spring Into Shape episode of “FYI Philly” on 6ABC, and drew the “Runner’s world” magazine to use our services when they came to Philadelphia in 2011 for their Runner’s World Challenge.

Come try our intense and unique service by calling our office (PTSMs cannot be booked online) or offer it as a gift!