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Sports Massage For Events And The Competitive Athlete (FLORIDA)



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Sports Massage For Events And The Competitive Athlete

In this very unique, interactive and challenging course, our instructor will discuss post-race sports massage for runners or triathletes, aimed to give you the tools to work at races, from small local 5Ks to large international triathlons.

This specific course has many applications as running and triathlon races are multiplying in the USA and worldwide, benefiting therapists and athletes alike. Therapists will get a chance to increase their experience, meet potential clients and broadcast their business, while athletes receive a pleasant treatment, rewarding them for their hard race and helping them recover faster.

What to bring

»  Massage table

»  Linens

»  Massage lotions or oils

»  Snacks

»  Nonalcoholic beverages

What to wear

Loose comfortable clothing such as yoga or fitness attire.