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Self Care for Runners Workshop @ Philadelphia Runner University City

With Philadelphia Runner

Located at Philadelphia Runner University City, start 10:30am

Developing a self-care routine is an integral part of any training plan. Steady self-care can help improve range of motion, decrease pain and stiffness, increase your endurance, and it can help prevent common injuries.

Our "Self-care for Runners" workshop will help give you the knowledge needed to create your own self-care training routine, using a small, firm ball.

Over the duration of 45 minutes, we will learn some of the muscle groups involved in running, along with the actions that those groups perform. We will then demonstrate how to effectively locate and treat sore spots in these muscles on your own. To follow along on these demonstrations, you will need to bring a massage or lacrosse ball and wear some comfortable clothing!

** We will have a limited number of massage balls available to use. **