What is the PTSM? article + video

Phila Massages has updated its award-winning PTSM! see the video here!


Now 90 minutes long, the new PTSM has been modified to include AIS; AIS, or Active Isolated Stretching, is a specific series of stretches that require active participation and aim to improve mobility.

The PTSM is done clothed: men are asked to wear a pair of shorts, and women a pair of sports shorts and sports bra. This allows for greater range of motion during stretching without the restrictions of draping. The therapists first interview you to determine your specific needs, then adjust the PTSM so that it is customized them.

During the PTSM, one therapist will be performing deep tissue massage, while the other will be performing AIS.  The benefits of simultaneous work are numerous:

  • during 90 minutes, your body gets the equivalent of 3 hours of work done
  • during the session all of the body’s muscles will be thoroughly massaged and stretched, with a focus on your particular problematic areas
  • AIS requires your attention as it is an active stretch; thus your focus will be on the stretching and the rest of your body will be more relaxed, allowing for more efficient deep tissue work
  • 2 therapists are necessary to perform some stretches, in particular, the spinal ones, which cannot be done by one therapist alone.

The PTSM also accumulates the benefits of massage and the benefits of stretching in one session:

  • decreased muscle soreness and swelling
  • increased flexibility
  • decreased muscle fatigue
  • improved posture
  • myofascial functional restoration
  • relaxation


This unique service, developed from our experience is post-race massages, is best used as a recovery massage as your body will feel “rebooted” at the end of it. Our PTSM won “Best of Philly” in 2011 Philadelphia Magazine, earned us a feature on the Spring Into Shape episode of “FYI Philly” on 6ABC, and drew the “Runner’s world” magazine to use our services when they came to Philadelphia in 2011 for their Runner’s World Challenge.

To book a PTSM please call our office at: (215) 995-6897*; you can purchase this service as a gift online, by phone, or by coming by our office.

*Unfortunately, this service is not available on our online booking system, as it requires two therapists to be available at the same time.