Tristan, our male sponsored triathlete, reviews his latest half Ironman and prepares for off-season recuperation.

Last weekend I competed in the Ironman 70.3 Pocono Mountains triathlon, which was my last race of the year. I ended up finishing in 5:03:56, which was a personal best in my second attempt at the half-iron distance, making for a good finish to the year. I was especially pleased with the result given that I hadn’t been able to run as much as I would have liked for the last couple of months due to knee issues. Thankfully, Brian at Philamassages had been working with me pretty regularly to allow me to keep training as I recovered from my injuries.


While I am happy with the results that I achieved this year, including a 2nd overall finish in an Olympic distance triathlon down in Rock Hall, MD and completing two half-iron distance triathlons (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run), I still have even higher goals for next year. The main limiter for me this year was continued knees issues from roughly June onwards. I don’t have much of a running background and my legs don’t seem to take too kindly to pounding pavement day after day once I reach a certain point. As I first got into running a few years ago, I learnt the hard way about listening to your body when I ended up getting a stress fracture in my ankle right before the Broad Street Run. Since then I have been very cautious about building up the mileage too quickly, but I still seem to reach a point each year where things start falling apart. This year I was able to use massage to help manage the injuries so that I could continue training, albeit at a lower than ideal volume, and finish out the season.


Now that the off-season is here, I’m planning on starting to address my lack of “base” starting next week (no rest for the wicked). I’m hoping to be able to run 4 or 5 times a week at slightly lower distances than what I have been doing, but working towards a larger weekly volume through the additional number of runs. Obviously I’ll be working closely with Brian to help keep my legs loose and injury free so that I can start next season in even better running shape and keep moving up the leader board. Keep an eye out every week or two for an update on how the plan in progressing and perhaps some of the fun going on now that the offseason is here, allowing for some slight mental decompression.


Have fun out there,