More about Alexis' background: actuary by day, triathlete "by night (and pre-dawn, and weekends, and afternoons)".

Now that my first entry is out there, let me take a step back and introduce myself. My name is Alexis Schmitt, although since I am recently married, it will soon be changing to Alexis Jones. I am originally from Wyoming, a small suburb of Cincinnati, OH (yes, I know it’s confusing J). I came out to Philly to go to Penn, fell in love with the city and have now been here 10 years. My mom and my dad and step-mom still live in Cinci, but I lured my sister to Philadelphia 3 years ago and am thrilled every day that she’s still here.

I am an actuary by day (I analyze and manage risk for a living), and by night (and pre-dawn, and weekends, and afternoons), I train for triathlons. I also play softball, soccer (but don’t tell my tri-coach – he was less than pleased when I broke my nose going up for a contested head ball this spring…), and I am intermittently trying to learn French.

I am fiercely competitive, particularly with myself, and in triathlons I have found a challenge that allows me to test and push my limits as I never have before. It also offers objective and relative measures of success and improvement, race times/power on the bike/run and swim interval splits for the former – age group finishes for the latter, and it has connected me to a community of amazing, driven, and interesting people. I am excited to continue to push myself to create the best possible life I can.

Through this blog I plan to share that journey, viewed through the lens of my athletic endeavors, as honestly and as openly as I can with all of you.