Gluteus: A Travel Companion.

Have you ever felt a twinge in your lower back that turns into a sharp pain when you stand up or after sitting for a few hours? Or maybe, while running, your hamstrings have started to feel numb or throb in their upper part and stretching them didn’t help? The muscles concerned may not be the back or the Hamstrings at all but your Gluteus muscles.This large muscle group is comprised of several muscles, the largest being the Gluteus Maximus. They are connected to the lower back and the Hamstrings, allowing them to extend the leg backwards, laterally rotate the hip and extend the back, which is why your buttocks may affect the upper leg or lower back. It also means that they are involved in a very large number of our movements, including walking, sitting up and down, running, swimming and even rolling over in our sleep.

When you companion becomes a pain…. Now that you have identified the culprit, you can begin treating Gluteus tightness with self-massage and self-stretching. For self-massage, use a tennis ball: place the ball on a chair and sit with either gluteus on it. Relax your body (this will take some time). When you are not clenching, slowly roll your body from side to side while keeping the ball off the hip bone. Do this for one minute straight and remove the tennis ball. Repeat on the other side. Do not exceed a total of 5 minutes for the whole session. Since this is a dense area with multiple layers of muscles, you may be able to use a Baseball or Lacrosse ball instead of the tennis ball to increase pressure and provide a deeper massage.

Stretching the feelings of new Giving the gluteus a rolling is the first step, stretching it out will be the next step in making better. Laying on your back (supine) pull your leg up AND over your body. Exhale while holding the stretch for two seconds and then release, letting your body relax. Repeat ten times. It should look like this when holding:


Traveling stress free The gluteus is going to be your traveling companion for the rest of your life so make it a beneficial journey. Self-care, stretching and massages will not only reduce the lower back and hamstring problems but allow you to move more freely in anything you do. For it is, in fact, the center of your body. It moves with you no matter what you do.

This article/video is for educational purposes only; do not attempt without your physician’s clearance. If you are in pain or injured, see your physician.