Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Active Isolated Stretching is a very successful technique used by professional athletes and fitness coaches to increase flexibility and treat injuries. • Combine AIS to your next massage for a more complete athletic treatment

For instance, book an hour massage appointment followed by a 30 min AIS session.

• Gain flexibility, treat problem areas, prevent injuries

Especially if you are not prone to stretching on your own!



The movement is initiated by the athlete then deepened by the therapist, to go beyond what the athlete would normally do on their own. The active participation favors muscle awareness and relaxation for more efficiency.


Stretches isolate specific muscles for more precise work than general stretching (for example, there are 6 different stretches for the 6 muscles that comprise the hamstrings).


The stretch allows for increased range of motion by lengthening muscles, fascia and increasing joint mobility.

How it works:

Stretches are held no more than 2 seconds, and repeated up to 10 times. After a session, the therapist teaches specific stretches for home self-care.


Stretching has many benefits:

- Increases range of motion in those muscles that need more mobility thus reducing the risk of injury

- Participates in the reduction of knots and muscle tightness, also reducing risks of injury

- Provides more mobility, comfort and better posture, reduces asymmetries.

Try your AIS session with Don today, and discover the efficiency of this technique for yourself!