About us

Phila Massages is a massage therapy company specializing in sports massage.

Since 2010, by teaming up with local clubs and volunteering in Philadelphia active events (including being official massage providers for the Philadelphia Marathon for four consecutive years), Phila Massages has developed its expertise in the accompaniment of athletes during their training, and the prevention or treatment of athletic injuries. From beginner to professional levels, teenage to senior, yoga aficionado to pro MMA fighter, we work with all manners of athletes.


Our mission statement: to facilitate recovery and improve athletes’ performance using targeted and innovative massage techniques.

Our goal is to encourage massage as a regular part of training.

To this end, we have put together a membership system that allows our prices to stay low, so that massage can be included in your everyday fitness routine.

Stretching is offered as part of a sports massage, or on its own. Indeed, it is a very important aspect of muscle and joint health, and offering this service on its own allows you to incorporate it in a regular routine.

Our membership system offers other advantages to athletes such as discounts at our fitness partners, including a training coach, and free quarterly massage classes where you will learn some self-massage and stretching techniques, or some couple massage and stretching techniques. These self-care techniques are an inherent part of our overall goal to help you develop healthy preventive habits that are integrated in your fitness lifestyle.

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During events, Phila Massage therapists would double up on athletes to save time. One therapist would stretch, while the other would massage. As time went on, this tandem became more and more popular and athletes started to request it as a massage service. So we worked on creating a perfect 4-hand massage, perfected over several years, that includes stretching and massage at the same time! This 90minute service is called Phila Tandem Sports Massage, or PTSM. Though it requires synchronizing between the therapists, it is still 100% customized to athletes and their needs, so two PTSMs will never be the same.

This highly successful service is unique and intense, and is best used as a recovery massage as your body will feel “rebooted” at the end of it.

It won “Best of Philly” in 2011 Philadelphia Magazine, earned us a feature on the Spring Into Shape episode of “FYI Philly” on 6ABC, and drew the “Runner’s world” magazine to use our services when they came to Philadelphia in 2011 for their Runner’s World Challenge.

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Our specialty, sports massage, is a large category that encompasses several other massage categories and concepts.

Various techniques are used according to the needs of the athlete and important elements are factored in such as training, coming-up events and state of mind.

Moreover, the massage therapist is always mindful of sports injuries that particular sports make us prone to; in that effect, the massage targets specific muscles, tendons and stretches that are necessary in the prevention or healing process of specific sports injuries.

For more information on sports massage, see this page.


At Phila Massages, we love our athletes: whenever possible, we will come to watch you train, cheer you at races or games, and support all of your ventures, as a success for you is a success for us too!